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Have you tried Anti Aging Blue Tea which Changes Colour?
Well, you surely would have seen many types of tea! But definitely not this! This is blue tea! It is not just beautiful but also, extraordinary! Blue tea is one of the few naturally occurring edible items which have the ability to change colour. Blue tea is a flower tea which is now in India and here to stay! Blue tea gives beautiful azure blue colour with warm and hot water. Colour: Azure Blue Taste: Mild earthy USP: It changes colour The magic tea is made of Clitoria ternatea (Shankhapushpi in India) - a species of flower from the pages of ancient Ayurveda. This flower is native to South Asia. The flower tea has been brought in India by Blue Tea India. Some images suggested online that this amazing blue tea can take 4 different colors. Blue with water, Purple and Pink with Lemon, Green with Saffron and Maroon with brown sugar. This Blue Tea is being called one of the world's healthiest teas. Apart from being a visual treat, it packs a host of benefits. “This is a perfect
NatureFresh introduces ‘Acti Heart’ edible oil to target health-conscious customer segment
NatureFresh, a home-grown brand by Cargill India, has launched a new healthy edible oil, Acti Heart, in the India market. Conceived for the premium, urban, health-conscious market segment, Acti Heart is positioned to fulfil all the vital components of a complete healthy edible oil. The new product will be available in one litre bottle, 1-ltr pouch and 5-litre recyclable tin packaging. While 1 litre will be priced at Rs 175/- in the market, the 5-litre tin packing will be available at Rs 829/-. Launching the product in Delhi Milind Pingle, Director – Sales & Marketing, Cargill said that a lot of science and consumer research has gone into every aspect of the Acti Heart product. He said that the oil is truly a “heart-ful” edible oil which is high on Omega 3, having ideal Omega 6 to 3 ratio, high MUFA with Gamma Oryzanol that reduces bad Cholesterol and induces good cholesterol. Moreover, the oil is enriched with Vitamin A, D and E. “This is part of the brand’s portfolio expansion in